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Televisions Repair in Nairobi

Electronic Appliance Repair Services in Nairobi


We repair Televisions and Hi-Fi systems in and around Nairobi Kenya. We are experienced specialist technicians in fixing Samsung, LG, Phillips, Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Alba, Beko, Bush, Elonex, Goodmans, Wharfedale, Technika, Hitachi, Techwood, Accoustic Solutions, JVC and other Television models



Televisions are an important part of every home and even someoffices.  Handling a faulty television is a serious task that requires training and experience . We have highly qualified and experienced technicians who are at your disposal for these very services. We ensure to keep our technicians well informed and equipped to handle both typical and unique problems they face when delivering television repair services in Nairobi.

At Electronix,  we repair  have the capacity to handle most models used in town. We fix, replace parts and conduct general maintenance services. Acquire our services to ensure you get back to watching your favorite shows and movies and your living room regains its liveliness again. Our television repair services are available in and around Nairobi Metropolis, Kenya. We also send technicians to client homes and offices for convenience purposes.

We’re handle / fix / repair / service LED televisions, plasma  televisions and CRT monitors / tvs .We also offer very suitable TV repair services for faulty LCD and LED TVs, in addition to a wide variety of other TV types. Our services are available in Nairobi and its environs like Ngong, Machakos, Kiambu, Westlands Thika and Kikuyu.

Contact Electronix Service Providers today for the best, affordable and convenient TV repair services in Nairobi, KENYA.

Repairable faults that can occur to all makes of Television are as listed below-

1 Television fails to come on the front standby light fails to illuminate or repeatedly flashes on and off.

  (In the early stages TV might start after a few minutes but this time will increase until not starting at all).

​  All televisions are likely to suffer this fault but in particular Hitachi, Toshiba, Bush, JVC, Sanyo, Xenius, Alba and ISIS.

  Please Note - With this fault repair is often possible within your home on initial visit please ring for details.

2. Television fails to come on the front standby light fails to change to on colour status.

3. Television fails to come on the front standby light blinks an error code - (Panasonic and Sony TVs). Please count the number of blinks before the pause and repeat of the same number and inform us.

4. Television has no picture visible (sound may or may not be present) but standby status shows TV is on-

 a)  Pictures on LED televisions have no natural illumination so behind the screen of your television is a matrix of LEDs that illuminate the picture in order for it to be visible to us. The number of individual LEDs that make up this matrix depends on the screen size of the television. The average 42inch television for example would have around 60 ( Please see above image). If any of these LEDs fail they prevent the rest from illuminating resulting in backlight failure. Occasionally before LEDs fail completely they blink on and off for a period of time and if this is the case the backlight will flash on and off before complete failure.

 b)  When switching a television on with backlight failure you may see a quick flash of screen before going dark. Other times the screen  might flash for a period of time as described above before going dark or occasionally the backlights don't go out when they fail resulting in dark areas/patches on the screen.

 c)  Please conduct backlight failure test as follows -

Please shine bright torch beam on screen (Please note it needs to be a torch beam as the led light on a mobile phone is not directional enough).Please then press menu on remote control  (easier to see a static image than a moving picture). If you can see the menu in the beam of the torchlight you have confirmed backlight failure. Please note you might not see it at first as even in the torchlight it will only just be visible. It might help if you conduct this test in a darkened room. When you contact us please inform us of the result of this test we will then inform you of your backlight repair options. We specialise in backlight repair.

5. Television has picture but no sound -

If you have a headphone socket on your TV and have a pair of headphones or earphones please plug them in and inform us whether you have sound from the headphone socket.

6. Lines or interference on picture.

7. A profusion of single colour glowing dots (often red) covering the picture on Plasma televisions.

8. Television comes on as normal then switches off after a period of time -

Often a heat related fault please unplug from mains and wait for 15 minutes reinsert mains plug and switch TV back on does TV stay on for a further period of time? Please inform us of the result when you contact us.

9. Television Clicks on and off repeatedly but fails to start (often a Samsung and LG fault).

10. Lines vertical or horizontal appear on the picture -

 A screen full of lines is more likely repairable than a few isolated 1 pixel width thin lines which normally are result of screen failure or screen damage which in most cases will not be repairable. If in doubt please contact us).

11. Television switches off and back on intermittently.

​12. Picture turns negative or turns predominately green or red.

13. Picture turns white with picture barely visible and sound ok.

​14. dead no picture or sound and no standby illumination.


Please note however in instances when the front panel has been damaged by impact resulting in a cracked screen it would not be classed as a cost effective repair.

The reason for this is that the front panel or screen of TV constitutes 75% of the cost of the TV so in most instances it would  be more financially viable to replace the television in this instance.

If you are unlucky enough to have accidentally damaged the television screen its worth checking your household insurance to see if you are covered. If you find that you are covered for that eventuality they will require a report from a television repairs company to confirm those details before processing your claim. Electronix are able to provide you with a diagnostic report which would be acceptable by insurance companies. This report would be paid by the policy holder in the first instance. The good news is that the cost of the report would be added to your settlement figure by way of reimbursement

If you require any further details of our diagnostic report service please contact Electronix  to handle even circuit board level Whenever required

When ever possible television repairs are carried out to component level which means we can keep repair costs to you to a minimum. All repairs carried out by Electronix TV Repairs Nairobi are fully guaranteed. Please contact us to arrange our cost effective repair service.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Television Wall Mounting Service  in Nairobi

Electronix are also pleased to offer a LCD,LED and Plasma Television wall mounting service at reasonable cost. The price we quote is inclusive of good quality tilt or non tilt bracket depending on customer preference.

Why not free up valuable floor space and show off your tv in the best possible way!

Telephone TV Repairs Newport for a no obligation quotation today.

Television Setup Service in Nairobi

If you have just purchased a new television, Electronix TV Repair Nairobi are pleased to offer a service of setting your TV up for you with your existing equipment

 (Sky,Freesat, DVD, Soundbar etc etc). Why not contact Television Repair Services Newport to arrange an appointment convenient to yourselves.

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